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# 1 Influencer Marketing Academy

Only for data-driven sales oriented marketers

Next Batch: Winter, 2024

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59% of companies with over 100 employees work with influencers. And only 38% measure success based on sales.

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Influencer marketing is so much more than reach, CPM and Engagement Rate.

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11,637 job openings for Influencer Marketing Managers on LinkedIn

Influencer marketing manager salary range $65,000 - $180,000

Influencer marketing campaign ROI is ~$6.5

Influencer marketing channel conversion is ~2.55%

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Impressive, right?

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Learn how to select and partner with influencers, negotiate deals and deliverables, predict, measure and analyze campaigns AND get right away ROI and sales.

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This course is for you if you are

PR/ Influencer Marketing/ Talent Manager

Expand your knowledge in influencer marketing and create measurable data-driven campaigns

Aspiring Influencer Marketing Manager

Become a top-notch influencer Marketing Manager and have a career breakthrough

CMO/ VP of Marketing for consumer facing brand

Launch an Influencer marketing sales channel and increase revenue, sales and brand awareness

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You'll walk away from this course as an Influencer Marketing Chief with all necessary ingredients and experience that will lead you to results.

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Strategic Vision

You will develop a strategic understanding of how to create campaigns, select the right influencers, partner with them and negotiate deals. You will get access to negotiation templates, legal contracts and deliverables

Analytical approach

You will get knowledge of the latest data analytics technologies, frameworks and tools available to support data-driven decisions and create successful roi oriented campaigns

Hands-on Experience

You will strategize and run an influencer campaign with a minimum of 5 collaborations. We will guide you, provide recommendations and help you sharpen campaigns

Hardcore Network

You will get access to the database of best preforming influencers, content creators and agencies

Strategic Mentorship

Get mentorship and guidelines in your influencer marketing job search & strategic recommendations on your upcoming or current campaigns and influencer strategies

   Why ROR Kitchen

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ROR Kitchen was created by hands-on digital marketing experts and true believers in influencer marketing channel.

With over 5 years of experience in influencer marketing and 3000+ data-driven collaborations performed for our clients we were able to develop extensive knowledge and a unique approach on how to select, target and partner with influencers and get right away results in sales.

Our valuable influencer network consists of only vetted talent managers, agencies, and highly engaged creators, who are Celebrities and the most influential Moms, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel influencers from all over the world. 

And now we are ready to share this knowledge with you! 

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ROR Kitchen results that will blow your mind

3000+ influencer collaborations

Cost-per-Click 5X below market average

$3M+ revenue in attributed sales generated for brands

2M+ website visitors generated for brands

Personal connections with top-tier agencies and influencers

17M+ reach generated for brands 

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Our cases in press

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How a startup selling portable movie projectors used influencers and emotional marketing to sell $1 million worth of preorders last year.

About the Founder

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Alina is an Entrepreneur and Marketing Executive with 15 years of experience in digital, e-commerce & brand marketing and a deep knowledge of the startup ecosystem. Her domain expertise is storytelling through digital channels, refined by innovative data-oriented strategies.

She launches and turns innovative consumer products into bestsellers through digital channels. She generated $30M in revenue by owning and leading GTM strategies, made CINEMOOD the #2 bestselling product and #1 most wanted item on Amazon pre-pandemic, increased sales 3x through company website during pandemic, and collected over $1M in pre-orders of a new product without crowdfunding.

She is an Influencer Marketing Ninja. She did thousands of data-driven collaborations with macro influencers and celebrities, including  Tory Spelling, Stauffer/Anderson Family, Mariah Carey and many others. 

Alina is a thought leader talking about emotional marketing and the creator economy at UC Berkeley & Haas School of Business.

She is an aspiring surfer, skier, photographer, adventure-seeker and shoe-addict.

What our graduates and brands say.

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After working with Alina I learned so much about all necessary tactics, negotiation technics and tools I need to use in order to create winning campaigns. Before meeting her I was mainly looking at  influencer marketing as an awareness channel and I was stunned to learn that it's not just that and that I can measure so much more! I feel that I'm an expert in the influencer marketing space now!

Teya, Influencer marketing Manager @PREQUEL

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